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WSOP 2013 - One Drop High Rollers - day 2

No bubbles

The original day 2 plan was to play down to the final table of 8. Didn't happen. No final table bubble. Not even close. Instead, play stopped after 10 levels, just like on day 1.

The cash bubble is still intact too, with 26 players left and 24th place paying out $173k. It would have taken until dawn, wearing everyone down, and it's way too early in the WSOP schedule for that. (The Players Championship and Main Event will take care of the wearing down thing.)

Haralabos Voulgaris

The blue section of the Amazon room

"Perky lives!!!"

Day 2 play was fairly quiet, but more lively than day 1's grim affair. Several well-known pros livened things up a bit (Negreanu, Laak, Esfandiari) but the loudest player had to be Bill Perkins. AKA "Leroy Jenkins," depending on his mood. You may have seen Perkins dropping six figures on High Stakes Poker and loving it, which helped to make him one of the most-loved amateurs in the game. Antonio loudly called him "my favorite fish" because he "never runs out of money."

Perkins yelled "Perky lives!" at least twice when he doubled up, and "Who is Leroy Jenkins?" when he played other big pots. He's TV-friendly and he apparently doesn't need the money, so he would make a great One Drop spokesman.

Daniel Negreanu

Andrew "Lucky Chewy" Lichtenberger

Ben Lamb stares down David "Doc" Sands

Jason Somerville and Matt Glantz

Mike Sexton

Daniel Alaei

Haralabos' rockets hold

Voulgaris, Negreanu, Laak

Anthony Gregg busts Vivek Rajkumar

Fast and furious

You can't run, you can't hide, you need to chip up or die trying. Bustouts happened more and more frequently as play progressed through day 2. And that trend might continue, especially after the money bubble bursts.

The blinds will start at 10k/30k/60k on Friday, and it looks like play will continue until there's a winner. Play resumes at 1pm.

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