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WSOP 2013 - One Drop High Rollers - day 3
Antonio Esfandiari celebrates a double-up

So close yet so far

The closer you get to winning, the more painful your bustout. It's a universal law of tournament poker. And the 22 day three bustouts all felt that extra pain. Some more than others.

But fortunately, for every bustout there's an equal and opposite burst of joy among the survivors. Antonio Esfandiari's day three experience was a roller coaster of joy and heartbreak, as he hit miracle cards to double up twice, then lost a massive hand to Bill Perkins near the end of the day.

It's probably a good thing for Antonio that there's another day of play. He has time to recover from doubling up Perkins, get his game face back on, and go for the repeat. Small matter of three very tough opponents, and it's still anybody's game. Can he do it again?

Perky lives!

Anthony Gregg

Martin Finger

Olivier Busquet and Nick Shulman

Larry Greenberg (looking way too happy for being all-in)

Bill Perkins bro-hugs 12th place finisher and Octo-niner Jeremy Ausmus

Esfandiari and Perkins taking a break on the rail

Brandon Steven busts in 7th place. At least one chair was kicked.

Richard Fullerton flops a set of 6s ...

... and Antonio turns a set of 10s to bust Fullerton in 5th.

Antonio loses about a third of his stack to Perkins

Final four

The four survivors will battle it out to the end on day 4, with chip stacks between 9.2 million (Esfandiari) to 14.7 million (Gregg) and prizes ranging from $1.4 million to $4.8 million. But it's not just the cash or the bracelet. A significant place in poker history is up for grabs. The winner will be the inaugural One Drop High Rollers event winner, and the winner of the 2013 WSOP's biggest buy-in event. And the winner just might be able to act as poker spokesperson for a great cause: the One Drop foundation.

We can't wait to see who wins.

Please visit the World Series of Poker and One Drop for all the details:

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