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WSOP 2013 - One Drop High Rollers - Final
Tony Gregg

Pedal to the metal

The final four came back rested and ready and immediately moved their chips around. Blinds started at 50k/200k/400k, giving chip leader Tony about 36 big blinds and Antonio about 23 big blinds with the short stack. No comfortable lead, no cruising to the win. These guys hit the gas and never lifted. It took barely 65 minutes to determine the winner.

Antonio asks for a little help ...

... and doesn't get it. 4th place, $1.43 million, and heartfelt bro-hugs all around.

Bill feels the rush of getting it in bad. And $1.97 million for 3rd place.

The WSOP "mothership" stage

Tony bets out at Chris in heads-up play

$4.83 million for winner Tony Gregg, $2.99 million for runner-up Chris Klodnicki, and the last bro-hug of the event.

Chris does his exit interview with the lovely and talented Tatjana Pasalic

Your One Drop High Rollers Champion - Tony Gregg!

Kinder and gentler

We're grateful that the WSOP organizers are taking a more humane approach to tournament scheduling. Yes, 10 hours of play per day is still a grueling test of endurance for players, staff, media, and fans. But the old "play down to the final table no matter how long it takes" doctrine is no more.

Live streaming of events has no doubt helped bring this change. It still costs money to live stream events, so you might as well make sure there's an audience. But the internet is the future of poker broadcasting and television in general. Great to see the WSOP pioneering new technology.

Tournament Director extraordinaire Robby Thompson poses with Heather the dealer

Not done giving

The One Drop High Rollers event had already raised over $500k for the charity before the final day. And the WSOP isn't done giving. The Little One for One Drop event will no doubt draw thousands of entrants, with its comparatively low $1,111 buyin. This year's goal is to raise $1,111,111 for One Drop, and they're well on their way toward reaching it.

Please visit the World Series of Poker and One Drop for all the details:

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