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WSOP 2014 - Big One For One Drop Day 1
Antonio Esfandiari, winner of the first Big One For One Drop in 2012

Ante up. For us all.

The second Big One For One Drop tournament is this WSOP's biggest-buyin event by several orders of magnitude. Sure, you could have used your $1 million to enter a hundred $10K events here and around the world. But you'd be up against thousands of opponents every time. And the money probably wouldn't have gone to charity.

Guy Laliberté founded the non-profit One Drop organization to help provide fresh water to people in the world who don't have it. We take fresh running water for granted, but the lack of fresh water is a health crisis that 800 million people around the world suffer though every day. Water is the most critical challenge facing the world in the 21st century, it's going to affect all of us, and One Drop is doing something to help.

$111,111.11 of each player's $1 million buyin will be donated to One Drop, which locks in $4.67 million from the prize pool alone. And according to WSOP Tournament Director Jack Eiffel, that brings charitable donations by poker players at this year's WSOP to over $5 million already. And it's a near-certainty that players who cash in the event will donate even more, as they did in the first One Drop tournament.

Guy Laliberté, founder of One Drop. Oh and he's the founder of Cirque due Soleil too.

The talented / adorable / successful Liv Boeree spectates at the One Drop kickoff

Phil Ivey yucks it up before the cards are dealt

John Juanda multitasks


The Big One is designed to attract (very) well-heeled amateur poker players and (very) well-connected and/or successful poker professionals. And, in theory, everyone at this year's event had a 1 in 42 chance to win the big prize. But in practice it was the amateurs who departed first. David Einhorn won over $4.3 million the 2012 Big One final table (and promptly donated it to One Drop) but this year he was first out. And businessman Stanley Choi (who won $6.4 million in the Macau Super High Roller tournament) was the second bustout. Oh well. Better luck next time, right?

David Einhorn, self-made bazillionaire, was this year's first bustout

Stanley Choi puts on his game face

British entrepreneur Paul Newey and top pro Vanessa Selbst, the first woman to play in a One Drop event

Daniel Negreanu

Big One day 1 play took place in the "80's corner" of the Amazon Room

Gabe Kaplan and Igor Kurganov

Phil Galfond talks to the media

Businessman Shing Fung "Rono" Lo also busted out on day 1

Niklas Heinecker gets some massage therapy

You? Again?

At the end of day 1 play, British pro Sam Trickett led with a whopping 13.4 million chips. That's nearly 3.5x the starting stacks. If you recall, Trickett won over $10 million for his 2nd place finish in the 2012 Big One for One Drop. And he's in good shape to make another deep run this year. We'll see.

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