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WSOP 2014 - Big One For One Drop Day 2
Daniel Negreanu and the adorable Kara Scott

Attrition day

Busting out of any tournament is depressing. Not necessarily because you lost your buyin; more because you lost your chance at the big prize. But we can only imagine what it's like to dust off $1 million of your own and other people's cash and lose your shot at $15.3 million. It's incomprehensible unless you've actually experienced it. And 22 players either experienced it for the first or second time today.

But hey, that's (ultra-high stakes) poker. Can't win 'em all, life goes on, you've donated vital funds to the One Drop charity, and you've earned a permanent spot in WSOP history.

The ESPN featured table

First bustout: Talal Shakerchi

From seat 1: Esfandiari, Negreanu, Galfond, Colman, Seiver, Newey, Trickett

Day 1 chip leader Sam Trickett makes his exit

Guy Laliberté dropped by after he busted on a main floor table

Doug Polk acknowledges his cheering section

Antonio Esfandiari pretends to be pissed off

Phil Galfond bids adieu

Action on a main floor table

No repeat

Antonio Esfandiari has become a fixture at One Drop tournaments, having won the 2012 Big One for One Drop and having finished fourth in the 2013 One Drop High Rollers event. He went deep again this year, but fell short oh-so-close to the final table and the money. He was the final-table bubble-boy, busting in 10th.

Rail-smooch with the GF

2012 winner Esfandiari busts on the final table bubble in 10th place

Three tiers

Day 2 play ended after a few 9-handed final table hands. By chip count, the players fell into three distinct groups:

20+ million chips
Rick Salomon, Tobias Reinkemeier, Dan Colman, Daniel Negreanu

7+ to 9+ million chips
Cary Katz, Scott Seiver, Tom Hall, Christoph Vogelsang

4+ million chips
Paul Newey

But, as we all know, no-limit Texas Hold'em is a game of high variance. Anything can happen tomorrow, and we're certainly looking forward to seeing it.

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Next: Big One final table...

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