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WSOP 2014 - Main Event Winner
Three-handed play begins at the Rio's Penn & Teller Theater

No Hollywood

These are three serious competitors. Very little playing to the crowd, no coffee housing, and absolutely zero Hollywooding. Just searing stares and stone faces. And that's the way it should be, really, with $18.9 million to split three ways. Very unevenly split, that is.

Still, the seriousness wasn't a "hostile serious." The three players were competitive but respectful, professional but interested, and intense but sportsmanlike. That atmosphere, plus the high level of poker skill, made this year's WSOP Main Event final three a joy to watch.

At the start of play on the final day of the 2014 WSOP, the chip stacks stood as follows:

Jorryt van Hoof89.63 million
Martin Jacobson64.75 million
Felix Stephensen46.1 million

Felix Stephensen and WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel

The Scandies Strike Back

Jorryt "The Cleaner" van Hoof's fans kept chanting "The Hoof is on fire!" but the fire started to dwindle last night. He never broke 100 million again, but Martin Jacobson did, and he never looked back. Jacobson busted van Hoof to take a dominant lead - nearly 3:1 - over Felix Stephensen.

Jorryt van Hoof busts out in third place

Van Hoof hung around and talked with fans and media after his bustout


Martin Jacobson had barely more than 8 big blinds at one point the night before. But he played the short stack brilliantly, won races to double up a few times, and just kept on grinding. He also played the medium and big stacks brilliantly, applying pressure exactly when he needed to.

During a commercial break, player interview clips played, and Jacobson said that he worked out more than normal when he had made the November Nine. He said this would help him deal with the stress of final table play for that much prize money. And it certainly seemed to work. We need to work out more.

Felix Stephensen, Jack Effel, Martin Jacobson, a hundred thousand Benjamins, and Dennis Phillips

The final sweat of the 2014 WSOP. Stephensen didn't get his runners, Jacobson's flopped set of 10's held.

The victory scrum

Jacobson hoists his $500,000 WSOP Main Event Champion's bracelet for the first time

Tenth year at the Rio, three 10s was the winning hand, and $10 million top prize. Lots of 10s this year.

Perfect tens

The number 10 featured prominently in this year's WSOP Main Event final hand:

- 10th year of WSOP play at the Rio
- $10 million first-place prize
- Jacobson's final hole cards were the red 10s
- Jacobson flopped a set of 10s on the final hand
- 30 years ago, Jack Keller won the WSOP Main Event with pocket 10s

Eerie coincidence that Jacobson's final hand, three 10s, resonates so deeply with Jack Keller's Main Event win 30 years ago with pocket 10s. But no, there was no mystical numerological power involved in Martin Jacobson's win. He played a brilliant, determined, masterful game against varying numbers of opponents while possessing short, medium, and big stacks.

So we'll bring one final 10 into the story. We'll give Jacobson a perfect 10 rating for his performance, and we think he'll be a great poker ambassador over the next year.

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