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FlopZoom Lite - Poker Playback for PokerStars and Full Tilt

FlopZoom Lite is just like the hand playback pane of FlopZoom, our Mac poker tracker for PokerStars and Full Tilt. You can use FlopZoom Lite to play back every hand you have played online, to search through all your sessions for any player you have faced, and to search through all hands in any session to review actions, situations, and key plays. FlopZoom Lite is priced at USD $4.99 and is only available on the Mac App Store.

You don't need to play real money sessions on Full Tilt or Poker Stars. FlopZoom Lite handles sessions on the free FullTiltPoker.NET and PokerStars.NET sites as well as play chip games on real-money sites such as FullTiltPoker.eu and PokerStars.eu.

One of the included sample sessions, with session search results for FT_Hero and hand search for hands that FT_Hero won. This screencap shows the optional Leather theme.

Key features
Automatic playbackAuto-play hands at variable speeds, or manually click through streets and actions
Session searchFind sessions by date, poker site, player names, and game type
Full AnimationCards, chips, and buttons move smoothly as the hand is played
Made hand indicatorEach player's best possible hand is shown on flop, turn, and river (if their hole cards are known)
Winning cardsThe cards in the main pot winner's hand are highlighted when the winning hand is made
Hand searchFind hands by specific or semi-wild hole cards, all-ins, bustouts, and much more
Last hand modeYou can tell FlopZoom Lite to always load the most recently completed live hand
Win and tie oddsWin and tie odds are shown for each player, and are color-coded
Mucked hole cardsHole cards mucked at showdown are immediately viewable in the playback pane
Update intervalChange how often hands are imported so you can review them as you play
Euro supportPreliminary Euro support, including sessions on FullTiltPoker.Fr and PokerStars.Fr
Keyboard ShortcutsFor rapidly navigating though actions and streets of hands
What's new in FlopZoom Lite
17 April 2011

Release 1.2 now indicates each player's made hand on flop through river, and highlights the main pot winner's five card best hand. You can instantly see the hand that each player has made on each street, and it's much easier to see the actual cards in the winner's hand.

We also fixed several issues, improving Full Tilt hand history file analysis and several cosmetic issues. We will be adding more cool features to FlopZoom Lite in the near future.

Release 1.2 - 17 March 2011
New Features:
- Made hand indicator on flop and later streets
- Winning hand cards are highlighted when winning hand is made

Issues resolved:
- Micro-stakes bet amounts didn't show correct chip graphics
- Fixed an obscure crash when reconstructing partial Full Tilt hands
- Resolved a rare issue caused by some Full Tilt table names
- Fixed incorrect main pot amount in some Full Tilt limit hold'em sessions
- There was no way of re-opening the main window after it was closed
- Overall stability and is improved and memory usage is reduced

Release 1.1 - 24 March 2011
New Feature:
- Full animation of cards, chips, and dealer button

Issues resolved:
- Clicking the button sometimes didn't show button players in the hands list
- Very rarely, an all-in player's bet text would read "raises all-in to 0" on the next street
- Overall stability is improved

Release 1.0 - 18 February 2011
- All the features of FlopZoom's playback pane
- "Stay on Last Live Hand" option in Playback menu
- Support for French sites: FullTiltPoker.Fr and PokerStars.Fr
- Nine built-in demo sessions that disappear after you have played 5 sessions

System Requirements

HardwareMac computer with an Intel processor
 1GB of memory
 2GB of available disk space
SoftwareMac OS X 10.6.6 or later
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