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FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2.10

There aren't any new features in FlopZoom 1.2.10, but this release fixes several key issues. If you have experienced any problems with sessions not appearing after upgrading to 1.2.9, please download and install 1.2.10 as soon as possible. This release fixes the "missing session" issue.

Two HUD bugs were also fixed: overly sensitive window-overlap detection caused the HUD to hide too often, and the wrong player's statistics could appear in the HUD floating data panel. We strongly recommended this upgrade if you are currently running 1.2.9. And hey, it's free!

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2.9

This release took a long time, and the time we spent on it will pay off for you, starting now. The main focus of FlopZoom 1.2.9 is performance. Session searches are nearly instant, and the statistics pane and HUD calculations are much faster now. There is a lot more speed to be gained, and we will continue to improve statistics performance in future updates.

In addition, we have fixed many issues and have laid the foundation for future expansion of FlopZoom's features. Soon, we will be adding depth and breadth to FlopZoom's statistics. Stay tuned...

Poker Around the World

It's a wide, wide poker world out there, and there's been plenty of international poker action since the WSOP '09 November Nine. Here's the scoop from our friends at Poker News:

12.06.2009: Jan Skampa wins the European Poker Tour event at Prague, Czech Republic 11.22.2009: Antonio Matias wins the European Poker Tour event at Vilamoura, Portugal 11.22.2009: Amer Sulaiman wins the Latin American Poker Tour event at Playa Conchal, Costa Rica 11.15.2009: Dong-bin Han wins the Asia Pacific Poker Tour event at Cebu, Phillippines
Cornel Cimpan Wins WPT Foxwoods

Cornel "Andrew" Cimpan has done it again. He's won his second WPT title this year at Foxwoods, and to do it he had to beat a very tough final table. Two of the six TV table players had already won a WPT event, two more had been to a WPT final table, and two more were extremely tough veterans of online play. More evidence that the WPT fields are getting smaller and tougher. The 353 player field for the $10K event was down slightly from last year's 412, but the top prize was still nearly a million USD.

Mr. Cimpan put quite a few brutal beats on his opponents earlier this year to win the Commerce WPT event. But at Foxwoods it was Soheil Shamseddin who rivered miracle cards to knock out or cripple two opponents at the TV table. He and Mr. Cimpan played a seesaw heads-up battle, which should make for great viewing. Congratulations to Cornel on his 2nd WPT win of the year!
Joe Cada is the 2009 WSOP Main Event Champ

As advertised, the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event concluded on Monday, with Joe Cada and Darvin Moon facing off for the win. Mr. Moon had his chance to knock out Mr. Cada toward the end of the match, but his luck had run out. In the end, it was a race between Mr. Cada's 99 and Mr. Moon's QJ, neither hand improved, and we have a new World Champion. At least two records were broken this year: most number of hands dealt at the final table (364), and youngest ever Main Event winner (21 years, 11 months, and 3 weeks of age). Congratulations to Joe!

The ESPN post-production crew needs to work hard and fast if they're going to make their Tuesday night air time. They'll need to somehow mash up hundreds of hours of footage taken during 21+ hours of play from all those HD cameras and hole card cams. Then they'll need to bring Lon and Norm in to do their voice-overs. We're sure they'll do their usual excellent job. And we're also sure it's going to be a giant bad beat highlight reel Tuesday night...
WSOP Main Event Down to Heads-Up Play

Poker's short-term luck factor reared its ugly head with a vengeance at the Rio last night. The November Nine played down to heads-up in a 17.5 hour marathon of coin flips, cracked overpairs, spiked kickers, and desperate suckout double-ups. In the end, the poker gods favored Joe Cada and Darvin Moon, who will play for the bracelet, the glory, and the $3.3 million difference between the first and second place prizes.

Here are the finishing positions of the other 7, and how they went out:

9th James Akenhead 33 dominated by Schaffel's 99
8th Kevin Schaffel AA cracked by Buchman's KK with a King on the flop
7th Phil Ivey AK lost to Moon's AQ with Queen on the flop
6th Steve Begleiter QQ cracked by Moon's AQ with an Ace on the river
5th Jeff Shulman 77 run down by Saout's A9 with a 9 on the flop
4th Eric Buchman A5 lost to Moon's KJ with a King on the turn
3rd Antoine Saout 88 out-raced by Cada's AK with a King on the river

Play for the win resumes Monday night at 10pm local time (GMT-8:00). The players will continue with the following chip counts:

Joseph Cada 135.95 million  
Darvin Moon 58.85 million  

We kind of lost interest after Ivey was knocked out, and we weren't the only ones. The Penn and Teller theater was nearly empty by the time the final two were set (at about 6am local time). It'll be interesting to see how ESPN crams all the bad beats into their broadcast.
Apple Updates iMac, MacBook, and Mac mini

Wow. A day after reporting its most profitable quarter ever, Apple has announced major upgrades across its consumer Mac lineup. The iMac, MacBook, and even the Mac mini lines have all been improved to varying degrees. The low- and high-end iMacs both sport bigger, higher-quality, 16:9 aspect ratio LED-backlit displays, plus serious internal upgrades. The top-end 27-inch iMac can even be ordered with a quad-core Intel Core i5 processor.

The Macbook is still old-school white plastic, but it's finally got an LED-backlit display and multi-touch trackpad like the MacBook Pro line. And the Mac mini is now available as a "server" for small businesses and home use where a full-blown Xserve is overkill. But our favorite new Apple product just might be the Magic Mouse, with its multi-touch-enabled surface.
FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2.8

We've added some brand-new features to the HUD and session panes! Click on any player HUD window to bring up a player data panel with complete statistics, including your hourly rate for cash games. Click on any table HUD to bring up a table data panel with a summary of the play at that table, including average pot size, percentage of hands reaching showdown, and total rake for cash games.

And you can now click-drag on the graphs in the session pane. Just drag the cursor across the graph you'll see the hero's hole cards with win/loss amounts for each hand. There are many other improvements and bug fixes, and this is a free update as always.
Barry Shulman Wins WSOPE Main Event

The Shulman family is on a collective run! First, Jeff Shulman makes the WSOP Main Event November Nine. And now, his father Barry has defeated none other than Daniel Negreanu heads-up to win the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event. The final tableists included a murderer's row of serious poker talent: Jason Mercier, James Akenhead, Matt Hawrilenko, Antoine Saout, and Chris Bjorin. And Akenhead and Saout are also WSOP Main Event November Niners!

No disrespect to Mr. Shulman and his vast poker experience, but it did in fact take quite a bit of luck for him to defeat Mr. Negreanu. He managed to hit flushes and 2-outers to gain the chip lead, but got it all in with the best of it on the final hand (10-10 vs. Negreanu's 4-4.) Mr. Shulman walked away with £802k and a genuine WSOP bracelet. As a consolation, Mr. Negreanu has become the all-time leader in tournament poker money winnings with £496k for second place. Congratulations to Barry!
Yevgeniy Timoshenko Wins WCOOP Main Event

We were there when he won the Bellagio WPT Championship, so we know he's got live tournament chops. And now he's won the PokerStars 2009 World Championship of Online Poker. He defeated 2,143 other players to score the $1.7 million first place prize and the Main Event bracelet.

Yup, Mr. Timoshenko is officially on a roll this year, and it's only September. Congratulations to Yevgeniy for the win and to PokerStars for yet another successful series!
Olivier Busquet Wins WPT Borgata

There have been some huge comebacks in WPT history (e.g. David Chiu vs. Gus Hansen in 2008) but none quite like this one. Olivier Busquet, vastly more experienced than anyone else at the TV table, was down 20:1 on chips vs. Jeremy Brown at one point in heads-up play. Mr. Brown was drinking, celebrating with friends, and generally acting like he had already won. But Mr. Busquet's extensive heads-up experience helped him win it all.

This episode won't air until Spring 2010, but it's guaranteed to be one of the best WPT episodes ever. Congratulations Olivier!
FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2.7

Whew! There are improvements from top to bottom in FlopZoom 1.2.7. The playback table now has all kinds of clickable items: automatic playback controls, hole cards, board cards, pot sizes, and even the dealer button. Click on a player's hole cards to see the the hole cards they showed and the amount they won or lost with those cards. Click on the pot size graphic to get a list of all the hands in the session with the main pot size and winner. And click on any board card to toggle back and forth between the streets.

There are also usability, stability, and performance improvements throughout FlopZoom 1.2.7. This all took a little longer than we wanted it to, but we'll be trying to do releases every few weeks from now on.
Thomas Bichon Wins WPT Cyprus

The WPT is putting the "World" back in the World Poker Tour by adding venues around the world. Thomas Bichon bested the field of 181 to take the $579k top prize. And in doing so he became the first person to win a major international poker tournament in Cyprus. The first of many, we hope. Congratulations Thomas!
Carter Phillips Wins EPT Barcelona

The European Poker Tour is attracting players from all over the world, and it's gaining momentum at each event. 479 players started the EPT Barcelona main event, creating a prize pool of $5.6 million. Carter Phillips took down the top prize of €850,000 by defeating Marc Goodwin heads-up. Congratulations Carter!
Apple Releases new iPods

Steve Jobs is still way over on the skinny end of the spectrum, but he's got pep in his step. You would too if you had all this new hotness to hype: iTunes 9, iPhone OS 3.1, and a whole new line of iPods at new low prices.

Well, yeah, the shuffle and Classic were only mildly tweaked. But we think the polished stainless steel special edition shuffle is irresistibly sexy. And it's interesting that the nano got a video camera but the touch didn't...
Prahlad Friedman Wins WPT Bicycle Event

The newest Legend of Poker is Prahlad Friedman, who bested 278 opponents and is now just a tick over $1 million richer for it. This is the first show since the latest WPT buyout, so what has changed? Nothing really. And that's a good thing. Because it seems that all the WPT production crew are back in action, and they're all incredibly good at what they do.

So what about the poker? Well, there was brilliant short stack play by Toto Leonidas, some tough pot-control small ball play by the big stacks, and, we must say, several bizarre suckouts that shaped the outcome. Our man was there, he saw all the TV table action, and got quite a few pix as well. Congratulations to Prahlad!
Party Gaming Buys World Poker Tour???

Now wait a minute! Didn't Gamynia buy World Poker Tour Enterprises earlier this month? Apparently that $9 million price was simply the opening bid. And no sale can be final without shareholder approval anyway.

But whatever. Party Gaming seems like a good if not better fit. It would increase Party's media presence, and it would associate the WPT with an already well-known brand. And should UIGEA ever be repealed, it could prove to be the best $12.3 million Party ever spent. We'll see...
FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2.6

We focused on playback pane and HUD improvements and bug fixes on this release. The HUD now appears over all sessions in FlopZoom's database as you play them back, with exactly the same data as you would have seen if you played those sessions with FlopZoom's HUD. You can even review all hands in sessions you are currently playing.

There's also a new "Learning Mode" for reviewing sessions in playback with all hole cards and hand odds hidden. This is for practicing guessing hand ranges against particular villains. And there are many other upgrades to FlopZoom's playback pane graphics and many bug fixes as well.
FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2.5

FlopZoom 1.2.5 now tracks Mixed Hold'em on PokerStars, supports Pot Limit Hold'em better, and sports several HUD MTT bug fixes. Other improvements include better support for Super Turbo, deep, and "deep hu" sessions on FullTilt.

And if your version of FlopZoom has expired, 1.2.5 will re-start a new 30 day trial period. With no session limit! You can try FlopZoom's tracking, playback, statistics, and analysis features for free for 30 days no matter how many hand history files you have.
World Poker Tour Enterprises Sold

Do you have a spare $9 million and change burning a hole in your wallet? Well somebody has to tell you, so it might as well be us. You just missed your chance to buy the WPT, all rights to future televised WPT events, and all 7 previous seasons of the pioneering poker TV series. Oops.

Surprised? We weren't, except for the fire sale price. Rocket Boy kind of had a feeling that the WPT was ripe for the picking a few months ago, and he was right. (Does that make him a feel-based CEO?)
FlopTech Releases FlopCruncher 1.5

It's been a while, but we've updated FlopCruncher, our advanced Texas Hold'em odds widget for the Mac OS X Dashboard. There are five new built-in hands for playback, up to the November Nine bubble hand of the 2009 WSOP Main Event. (We were there!)

Other improvements include a new version detector that will automatically notify you when an update is available, reliability improvements to the news update detection feature, and revised back-side graphics. This is a free update for all registered users, of course. And if you have never tried FlopCruncher, you can try it for 30 days for free!
FlopTech Releases FlopCruncher Lite 1.4

We've spruced up our basic (and free) Texas Hold'em odds widget for the Mac OS X Dashboard. Its graphics now match those of its big sister, FlopZoom Lite. We have also added a new version detector will notify you when an update is available, and we have improved the built-in detection of FlopTech news.

FlopCruncher Lite is free, so what are you waiting for? Please download it and enjoy!
FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2.4

This is a bug fix release, and it fixes a crash bug in the Statistics pane when the Leather theme is chosen. This isn't a mandatory update, but if you like the Leather theme, it's strongly recommended.

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2.3

The major improvements in FlopZoom 1.2.3 are in the head-up display (HUD). Up to six statistics can now be shown, and statistics for players with fewer than 30 hands in the chosen HUD interval will be shown in gray instead of the normal color coding. There are several minor bug fixes as well. This isn't a mandatory update, but if you use the HUD it's strongly recommended.

Alexandre Gomes Wins WPT Bellagio Cup V

Whew. We were a little concerned about the WPT, since it took them just about forever to announce their 2009-10 schedule. Not to worry. The full season 8 schedule has been released, and the first event is already in the bag. And a Brazilian won it! Alexandre Gomes won the somewhat lightly attended event, taking the $1.19 million first prize. (And we doubt he'll be throwing his brand new WPT bracelet in the trash.)

A relatively small field of 268 downsized the total prize pool, but what would you expect? It's late July, and many pro players are either 1. burned out after nearly 2 months of WSOP tournaments and side games, or 2. playing some of the gigantic mixed cash games in Bobby's Room. Apparently 6 or 7 tables were filled to capacity, with $1k/$2k minimum limits and the occasional million dollar pot. But whatever! The WPT is back and it's entering new markets around the world.

WSOP09 Final Nine Set

Another year, and another World Series of Poker Main Event is (almost) over. We were there for the last three days of the Main Event as the field was reduced to the November Nine. One of the biggest names in the history of poker will be making a run at the bracelet, and a media mogul has stated that he will not be keeping the bracelet if he wins it. We'll need to wait until November to see how this all turns out, but for now, we've got some photos of the event to show you...

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2.2

We've released a new version of FlopZoom with a few bug fixes and a new "Leather" theme! Some PokerStars sessions didn't get a head-up display (HUD), and sessions with any stack > 1 million chips weren't being added to the database. These bugs and several others are fixed in 1.2.2. This update is strongly recommended for all users of FlopZoom. As ever, it's free for registered users!

David Bach Wins WSOP09 $50K HORSE Event

What we expected: a final table deathmatch between some of the planet's toughest players. What we got: a grueling 20 hour endurance test for the players, media, WSOP staff, and yours truly. That's four 5-Hour Energy drinks' worth of scoops, chops, freakishly tasty free beef jerky, and 10 second micro-naps. And not one single f-bomb or Michelob this year baby!

But so what? David Bach is the real story. He came back from the felt with a Zen-like calm to defeat John Hanson over 7 hours of intense heads-up play. His is the name that will be engraved on the base of the David "Chip" Reese trophy, and it'll be there long after we've all turned to dust. Wear that bracelet proudly, David! And enjoy that $1.27 million...

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2.1

We've released an update to FlopZoom 1.2 that fixes two very annoying bugs. Some users experienced premature trial period expiration, and the new version udpate feature didn't work. We've fixed those bugs and allow FlopZoom 1.2.1 to restart a new 30 day trial period. This update is strongly recommended for all users of FlopZoom. And, of course, it's free for registered users!

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2

FlopTech Engineering has released FlopZoom 1.2, featuring support for PokerStars and Full Tilt. This release also provides initial support for the Euro ("&euro") currency symbol and initial support for the Italian version of PokerStars (PokerStars.IT). And you can now hide your player name or all player names on the playback pane if you would like to make anonymous screenshots or videos of your sessions.

There are many other improvements ranging from decreased disk activity during HUD updates, to improved accuracy in statistics, to a new flashing next-to-act indicator in the playback pane. Too many improvements to list here. We've tried to cover all the bases in this release.

Please remember that all versions of FlopZoom 1.2 beta will stop working on July 1, 2009. Upgrading to the final version of FlopZoom 1.2 will start a new trial period if you are running a beta release. Upgrading will also start a new trial period if your older version has expired beyond the 30 day limit.

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2 Public Beta 3

FlopTech Engineering (us again) has released FlopZoom 1.2 beta 3, featuring support for PokerStars as well as Full Tilt. We invite you to try FlopZoom with PokerStars and Full Tilt, see how you like it, and send problem reports and suggestions to us at .

FlopZoom 1.2 beta 3 now has Euro currency support for PokerStars and a new flashing next-to-act indication in playback. We've also fixed some minor cosmetic issues in playback and improved the background colors in the statistics pane with the "graphite" theme. Remember: all versions of FlopZoom 1.2 beta will stop working on July 1, 2009. The official FlopZoom 1.2 update will be released by then. Guaranteed.

Apple Sells 1 Million iPhone 3GS' in First Weekend

The iPhone just keeps on getting better and better. The latest model, the 3GS, has a faster processor, voice recognition software, a built-in compass, and a better camera with video capture. The iPhone 3.0 software runs on all iPhones and is a must-have. There are many improvements, including the feverishly anticipated iPhone-wide Spotlight search and copy / cut / paste.

We think that the built-in video recording, editing, and publishing features will be killer features in the long term. Apple apparently thinks so too, and they're planning to spend $1 billion on a server farm in North Carolina over the next 10 years. We suspect the new facility will be used to store all those terabytes of iPhone video.

And, although very little has been said about it, the really huge improvement in the iPhone 3GS hardware is its extensibility. Third party vendors will be able to develop more than boring old external battery packs, chargers, and speaker docks. This could do for hardware developers what the App Store did for software developers.

Oh well. We're happy with our trusty crusty old 3G, not even a year old yet, and we're going to hold out for the 2010 model. (Our 2010 iPhone feature wishlist: OLED screen, longer battery life, slimmer form factor, 4G connectivity, and a black cubic zirconia case.)

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2 Public Beta 2

FlopTech Engineering (hey, that's us!) has released FlopZoom 1.2 beta 2, featuring support for PokerStars as well as Full Tilt. We invite you to try FlopZoom with PokerStars and Full Tilt, see how you like it, and send problem reports and suggestions to us at .

FlopZoom 1.2 beta 2 contains several important fixes, so we strongly recommend that you upgrade to beta 2 if you have already installed beta 1. Please note that all versions of FlopZoom 1.2 beta will stop working on July 1, 2009. Why? Because the official FlopZoom 1.2 update will be released before then. We promise!

Phil Ivey Wins 7th WSOP Bracelet

Just barely a week ago Phil Ivey won his sixth WSOP bracelet (and rumor has it that he collected a few million extra in prop bets.) Now he's won the $2.5K Omaha eight or better / Seven Card Stud eight or better event to win his second WSOP bracelet this year, his seventh overall! We can only imagine how much he won on prop bets this time, but it appears that Mr. Ivey has found motivation other than the first place prize of $220k.

Mr. Ivey needed that motivation to beat some extremely tough players to win. The final table included Carlos Mortensen, Jon Turner, and Dutch Boyd among others. And guess what: the 2009 WSOP isn't even half over yet! We're pulling for Mr. Ivey to win a third bracelet this year. Congratulations Phil!

FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.2 Public Beta 1

Your humble Mac poker tracking software purveyors have released FlopZoom 1.2 beta 1, featuring support for PokerStars as well as Full Tilt! We invite you to try FlopZoom with PokerStars and Full Tilt, see how you like it, and send problem reports and suggestions to us at .

We hope the public beta period will last only a few weeks, but these things are hard to predict. During the public beta period, we will be addressing known issues and will do our best to resolve them before the FlopZoom 1.2 official release.

Steve Sung Wins $1K NLH WSOP Event

We were there when he finished second at the Bay 101 Shooting Stars WPT event, so it doesn't surprise us at all to see him win his first bracelet. He's unflappable, fearless, and an incredibly tough player. But it was a shock to see him win this particular event. He was up against a field 6,012, many of whom were the dreaded Random Guy willing to suck out or die trying.

Mr. Sung's victory was historic in that the event drew the largest live poker tournament field and offered the largest prize pool outside of a WSOP Main Event. (Not a particularly top-heavy payout either: first place was a relatively small $771K out of the massive $7.7M prize pool.) Congratulations Steve!

Phil Ivey Wins 6th WSOP Bracelet

Only five people have won six World Series of Poker bracelets, and Phil Ivey is now one of them! His victory in the $2.5K No Limit Deuce-to-Seven Lowball Draw event adds the relatively small sum of $96K to his lifetime tournament win total, though we've heard that he won a few million on bracelet side bets as well.

But more significantly, Mr. Ivey has added enormously to his amazing legacy. And he's still young! He defeated some of the biggest names in poker among the field of 147, and this year's WSOP is only about one quarter done. Way to go Phil!

Vitaly Lunkin Wins WSOP $40K NLH Event

Wow! 201 players entered Event #2 of the 2009 WSOP, and if there were any Random Guys in the field they were few, far between, and didn't go very deep. So it's no surprise that the final table was populated by some of the toughest players on the planet. Vitaly Lunkin defeated Isaac Haxton (2nd), Greg Raymer (3rd), Dani Stern (4th), Justin Bonomo (5th), Alec Torelli (6th), Lex Veldhuis (7th), Noah Schwartz (8th), and Ted Forrest (9th) to get paid USD $1.89 million. Plus the coveted WSOP bracelet, natch.

This was likely a one-time event held just this year to honor of the 40th anniversary of the World Series of Poker. But who knows? Mr. Lunkin may come back to try to defend his title next year if Jeffrey Pollack keeps the event. Congratulations Vitaly!
Sven Ragnar Åström Wins WPT Venice Event

You won't be seeing this one on TV. Not even in Europe. But it really did happen! Sven Ragnar Åström took the first place prize of €397,960 and made history by becoming the first WPT Venice champion. Amazingly, this was Mr. Åström's first major live tournament! We'll see him again at the 2010 WPT World Championship, since he also won a seat in that event plus a sweet WPT bracelet. Congratulations Sven!
Anti-UIGEA Acts Introduced

This is important news for online poker players in the United States. Congressman Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, has introduced two bills to Congress that would counteract the UIGEA. The first, the "Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act of 2009" (H.R. 2267), outlines an approval process for online gambling sites and consumer protection requirements for those sites. The second, the "the Reasonable Prudence in Regulation Act" (H.R. 2266), would delay the final implementation of the UIGEA by one year. A third bill, introduced by Congressman James McDermott, specifies a mechanism for taxing online gambling, and complements the two bills proposed by Congressman Frank.
Let Congress and the White House know that you are against the UIGEA and that you support H.R. 2267 and H.R. 2266. Fill in the following forms on the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) site and make your voice heard!
Pieter de Korver Wins EPT Grand Final

The European Poker Tour is booming! Nearly 1200 players entered the EPT Grand Final in the unbelievably beautiful (and unbelievably expensive) city-state of Monaco. Much of the field had won their seats through PokerStars satellites, which guarantees a large field and thus a large prize pool. Speaking of which, de Korver's top prize was a massive €2,300,000. Congratulations Pieter!
News from Around the Poker World

Poker pros are in the news, and not only for their poker skillz! First off, Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo took down his first major live tournament: the WSOP Circuit event at Caesar's Palace Las Vegas. We've seen (and photographed) him play a WPT event at Bellagio and even then it was clear to us that he had successfully transitioned to live play. He beat a scary tough final table stacked with old-school, new-school, and unknown-school players to score $237,692 plus all the trimmings. Congratulations Justin! Next, Vanessa Rousso just scored her biggest tournament win yet. She defeated 78 other high rollers to win the €25K "High Roller" event at the EPT Monte Carlo, scoring €720k and boosting her lifetime tournament winnings to more than USD $2.2 million. And that's just a few weeks after she finished second in the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship. She's even posed for this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue! GoDaddy has chosen wisely. Last but not least, one of our favorite "complete women" is looking good on TV. We think she's locked up Celebrity Apprentice now that she's heads-up against Joan Rivers. Annie has raised tons of money, she's got all kinds of oral skills, and she's got Joan all hot sucker. Oops. Poor choice of words. She's got Joan on monkey tilt. Our money's on Annie!
FlopZoom 1.1.3 Full Tilt format update

Every so often, online poker sites need to change the data in their hand history files. The most recent change to Full Tilt's file format happened some time in the past few days. FlopZoom has been updated to handle the new Full Tilt file format. Please download and install FlopZoom 1.1.3 to handle the new Full Tilt files.

If you have played any sessions in the past week or so, you will need to rebuild FlopZoom's database. Otherwise, FlopZoom 1.1.3 will simply pick up where 1.1.2 left off and you won't have any problems.

Don't worry: rebuilding is a simple procedure, but please see this page for details. The statistics pane's Aggression Factor (AF) calculation is now more accurate now, as well. This is, of course, a free update!
Yevgeniy Timoshenko Wins WPT Championship

Ahhhh, Vegas in the Spring. What could be better? Winning $2.1 million in Vegas in the Spring could be better, that's what! Youthful Yevgeniy Timoshenko played like an old school stone killer to take down the top prize at the 2009 WPT World Championship. He rarely made any mistakes, leaving that to pretty much everyone else at the final table. Not even "the Curse of the Suit" could stop him. Congratulations Yevgeniy! You deserve it.

"Rocket Boy" was there, twittering and snapping photos. And he senses a change in the air. He thinks the WPT is poised for a major makeover of some kind. (But he also thought the rumors of the original iPhone were BS...)
Constant Rijkenberg Wins EPT San Remo

Our CEO "Rocket Boy" has stayed in San Remo, but this was long before there was any poker in that laid-back Italian Riviera beach town. Well times have changed, and the San Remo EPT event drew the largest live poker tournament field outside the U.S. PokerStars' satellites no doubt boosted attendance, and the EPT Championship just down the road a few days later probably also helped. One thing for sure: poker is the freshest thing crackin' over in Europe now. Congratulations to Constant on his €1,508,000 win!
FlopZoom 1.1.2 with HUD Intervals

We've added interval selection to the head-up display (HUD)! If you want a tactical readout on what your opponents have done in last 10 hands dealt, you can get it. Or if you want the long term strategic view with statistics for all hands they've ever played against you, you can get that too. Plus pretty much any interval in between. And there's no more guessing how many hands are used to generate those statistics: the HUD can show you the exact number.

There are several other improvments, including a new 5 second real time update interval, expanded support for different multi-table tournament types, and improved accuracy in several key statistics. FlopZoom still only handles Full Tilt, but we're hard at work on PokerStars...
Vadim Trincher Wins Foxwoods WPT

Only five players started the TV final table at Foxwoods due to a double elimination on the TV bubble. It wasn't quite the marathon that Bay 101 was, but it was still a tough grind. And in the end, Mr. Trincher defeated Amnon Filippi, another East Coast pro. He takes the USD $731,079, a nice WPT bracelet, and an entry into the WPT Championship in a few weeks. We'll be there...
FlopZoom 1.1.1 with Automatic Playback

It just keeps getting better: FlopZoom now has automatic hand playback, one of the most highly-requested features among our users. We have added M value and BB stack size statistics to the HUD (another user request.) And there's a new "graphite" theme too! We have also drastically reduced the amount of memory used when adding large numbers of sessions to FlopZoom's database.

This is a free update for all registered users, and it is strongly recommended that all users with earlier versions upgrade to 1.1.1. Now we can focus 100% on adding PokerStars support...
Steve Brecher Wins Bay 101 WPT

It was a record setting endurance test for the players, the WPT crew, and the fans, including our own CEO "Rocket Boy." The incredibly tough Mr. Brecher rarely got his money in bad. But he did put a bad beat on Kathy Liebert, and she never quite recovered from doubling him up. She bought everyone in the crowd a drink at one point, but nobody was in danger of driving drunk. By the time the last river card was dealt, on the 319th hand, it was 4:30 AM, 3.5 hours after last call...
Sandra Naujoks Wins EPT Dortmund

Shame on you! You thought Katja Thater was the only German woman poker player, didn't you? Nein! Frau Naujoks outlasted and outplayed 666 (ooh, scary) other players to score the top prize of €917,000. The final table featured quite the diverse group of European talent, but 3-handed it was an all-German affair. And runner-up Holger Kanisch found yet another reason to hate pocket jacks. Congratultions Sandra!
FlopTech Releases FlopZoom 1.1 with HUD

We've finally done it! The head-up display (HUD) has been numero uno on our must-do list for just about forever. It's in FlopZoom now, and it's a killer feature. Use it to exploit villains' weaknesses and to plug leaks in your own game as you play.

FlopZoom's HUD automatically positions small windows with poker statistics (and mucked showdown hole cards) next to each player at every Full Tilt table you are playing. Multi-table "cascaded" and "tiled" windows and the "classic" and "racetrack" themes are handled automatically. And as you resize and move the Full Tilt table windows around, the HUD windows automatically resize and snap into position.

There's also a new "Onyx" theme option, plus bolder graphics for the cards in the playback pane. This is a free update for all registered users, and installing it will start a new 30-day period if your older version of FlopZoom has expired.
Freddy Deeb Wins WPT Celebrity Invitational

The WPT gets two tournaments for the price of one when they roll into Commerce Casino every year. They build the set, tape the LAPC, then let it all ride for the Celebrity Invitational a few days later. This time around Freddy Deeb won it, despite the best efforts of Mekhi Phifer, Chris Ferguson, Don Cheadle, Jose Canseco, Gavin Smith, Brad Garrett, and many other pros and celebs. Mr. Deeb only won $100K, but hey, a win is a win, right?
Cornel Cimpan Wins WPT Commerce

There's nothing like a fascinating, elegant game of poker. And that's what the L.A. Poker Classic final table was: nothing like a fascinating, elegant game of poker. Several of the players put huge beats on others to get there, and the suckouts just kept on coming.

Chris Ferguson rarely beat Mr. Cimpan in a pot. Chris Karagulleyan, the local favorite, hardly did either. And when it got down to heads-up play, Binh Nguyen couldn't beat Mr. Cimpan despite being the clearly better player. Our roving railer CEO "Rocket Boy" was there and he'll mash up a blog with pix as soon as we release FlopZoom 1.1 with its brand new HUD...
FlopZoom 1.0.5 Update Released

Hot on the heels of last week's release comes FlopZoom 1.0.5. It has all the playback pane improvements that we've been itching to add but didn't have time for. The hero (that's you) is now always bottom center in 9-handed play, bottom left in 6-handed play, and on the left in heads-up play. The next-to-act player is highlighted, and the winners and losers of each pot have new graphics.

And there are new keyboard shortcuts that drastically speed up navigating through hands. You can move back and forth between actions, between streets, and jump to the start and end of any hand with a single keypress. This is a free update for all registered users, and it is highly recommended.
FlopZoom 1.0.4 Update Released

Finally! FlopZoom now tracks live sessions and shows you how your opponents are playing in real time. All graphs are automatically updated while you play, so you can exploit the weak-tighties and avoid the stone-killaz at your table. Other new features and improvements include vastly improved GUI responsiveness during lengthy calculations, background session-adding, and a "save current hand" feature. Support for Matrix tournaments, NBC Heads-up, Poker After Dark, and "1-on-1" Full Tilt sessions is in there too, along with many overall robustness improvements.

This is a free update for all registered users, like always. And one more thing: no database rebuild is required if you are currently running 1.0.3.
Moritz Kranich Wins EPT Deauville

Four of the six final table players were French, but Mr. Kranich from Germany took the top €851,400 prize. The EPT's return to Europe marked yet another successful event in the series with a whopping 645 competitors. This was the opening EPT 2009 event in Continental Europe and also the first major poker event in France for three years. French law had been unclear with respect to poker, and the EPT had been absent while the legal details were being nailed down.

Congratulations to Mr. Kranich!
Fabian Ortiz Wins LAPT Viña del Mar

The Latin American Poker Tour keeps gaining momentum, and its latest stop at the picturesque Chilean coastal town of Viña del Mar proved several things. One - the LAPT is alive and well and moving past its recent trouble in Mexico. Two - if you never play a hand, you'll get blinded out. And three - all you need is a chip and a chair.

Señor Ortiz was down to HALF a BIG BLIND at one point during final table play, but he stormed back to victory. And for his efforts he was awarded the top USD $141,426 award. Play the rush!
Poorya Nazari Wins EPT Caribbean

Atlantis' business may be down along with the economy, but you'd never know it if all you saw there was the massive 1,347 player field for the EPT PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. The top three finishers are all millionaires after this event, Mr. Nazari taking the biggest slice of USD $3 million.

Perhaps the best-known player at the final table was Kevin Saul, who earned nearly a quarter mil for his 8th place finish. Congratulations to Mr. Nazari and all the big money winners.


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