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Poker Roll - Poker Earnings Tracker for iPhone and iPad


Are you a winning poker player?     Really?

Know for sure with Poker Roll. It's your poker earnings tracker for iPhone and iPad. It's simple, powerful, and designed to help you become a better player. Instantly check your earnings numbers and graph your results and bankroll trends. Find your best and worst games, your toughest and weakest opponents, and keep notes on why you did well or poorly in any session or against any opponent.


Earnings at a glance

One tap shows your latest day, week, month, and year earnings, along with your total career earnings.
Tap any earnings row to go directly to its graph on iPhone. Tap any earnings row on iPad to show its graph.



More than just the numbers

Graph your poker results and earnings over a day, week, month, year, or over your whole career. Your total results and earnings are in gray, cash results and earnings in green, and tournament result and earnings in blue. Rotate your iPhone to landscape, then use the search field to find your best session, worst session, or results on specific dates.


Track your earnings.     And everyone else's.

It's not just about you. Poker Roll can track your opponents' wins and losses, and you can keep notes on opponents (and buddies) for every session they play against you. Find the biggest winners and losers with a single tap, and find players by searching for keywords in your opponent notes.


Tap for detail

Tap any row in the sessions view for all the details. Tap again for player and notes detail.
Tap any row in the players view to see all their results and notes.

Powerful search

Find your best and worst sessions with a single tap. Find sessions by searching for venue name, game type, date, player names, and keywords in your notes.


Worldwide locations

We've programmed 81 locations around the world into Poker Roll to make it easy and fast to add your poker sessions. Poker Roll can automatically detect your location and fill in the place name and other information from the last session you played there. And you can add your own locations and place names automatically or manually, with just a few taps.

All venues in World Poker Tour Season X and XI, and all venues on the European Poker Tour season 9 are built in to Poker Roll. And there are many other poker room locations as well. From California to Las Vegas to Atlantic City to Monaco to Macau, many of the world's most popular poker rooms are already in Poker Roll.


iCloud integration

Poker Roll uses iCloud to keep all your iOS devices updated. Add a session on your iPad and it appears on your iPhone. You can even start adding a session on your iPhone in a poker room, then resume and finish adding it on your iPad at home.


Key features

- Earnings numbers
Earnings at a glanceSee your latest day, week, month, year, and career numbers with one tap
Instant graphsTap any earnings row to go right to its graph

- Dual graphs: earnings and results
Cash / tournament / totalColor-coded earnings: green = cash, blue = tournament, gray = total
ResultsGreen bars for cash results, blue bars for tournament results
Scroll through timeSwipe left and right to go back and forth through your earnings graphs
SearchRotate to landscape to search for best / worst, dates, etc.

- Fast, easy input
Basic or optionalAdd just the basics, or add details, player notes, and session notes
Auto-completeVenue names, game names, and player names are automatically completed for you
Auto-fillOptional cash and tournament info fields are filled in automatically for each venue

- Sessions view
Sort your sessionsSort by date, win amount, loss amount
Find any sessionFind by venue name, player name, date, cash / tournament, poker game, etc.
Tap for detailSee all your sessions in a single list, tap for more detail

- Players view
Sort playersSort by date seen, positive and negative career earnings
Find any playerFind by name, date, keywords in player notes, etc.
Tap for detailTap to see all the sessions any player has played

- Locations
81 built-in locationsPoker Roll knows locations of 81 poker rooms all around the world
Add your own locationsAdd locations automatically or manually

- Miscellaneous
iCloud integrationAdd a session on one device and it appears on all your iOS devices
Save and resumeAdd some data for a session, finish it later. On any device.
Euro support€ Euro or $ US Dollar currency for all monetary values
HelpBuilt-in help and how-to's
Guided tourBuilt-in guide to major features
FAQBuilt-in frequently-asked questions and answers
Email usTap to send an email to us at

Where to Buy
Poker Roll is available for $5.99 on the App Store.  

What's new in Poker Roll

2.0 Release (16 September 2013)

New features
- Now runs on iPad with an all-new design
- Full iCloud integration: add a session on one device and it appears on all of your iOS devices

- Save and resume: enter any session data, resume at any time before adding to database
- New color-coded data in history and opponents table on iPhone in landscape mode and on iPad
- New info text on graphs: automatically fades in and out, can be toggled on and off by tapping
- Improved search with more keywords

- Better locale-specific number formatting
- Opponents' tournament result calculation is now correct
- Many stability and cosmetic fixes

- This will be the last major release that supports iOS 6.x. The next release will be iOS 7+ only.

1.1 Update (15 November 2012)

- Optimized for the superb new iPhone 5 and iOS 6
- Version number now appears in the Settings app
- Minor bug fixes

1.0 Release (13 August 2012)

Easy input
- Auto-complete of venue names, game names, game types, and player names
- Auto-fill of optional fields for each venue, by cash or tournament type

Earnings numbers
- Earnings numbers for the most recent day, week, month, year, and over your whole career
- Tap to see earnings and results graphs for any interval

Earnings and results graphs
- Color-coded cash / tourney / total earnings for day, week, month, year, and career intervals
- Color-coded results for day, week, month, year, and career intervals
- Scroll left and right to go forwards and backwards through the graphs
- Rotate to landscape to search for best / worst sessions, specific dates, etc.

Sessions view
- See all sessions you've played, tap on any one to see details
- Sort by date, win amount, loss amount
- Find sessions by venue name, date, player names, keywords in notes, etc.
- Tap to see all details of any session

Players view
- Track opponents or buddies you've entered for any session
- Sort by date, win amount, loss amount
- Find players name, date, keywords in notes, etc.
- Tap to see all sessions they played
- Update player notes at any time

Built-in locations and user-defined locations
- 81 locations of poker rooms worldwide are already programmed into Poker Roll
- Add any location at any time, manually or automatically
- Auto-fill cash or tourney fields for each location

- Built-in help, guided tour, and FAQ
- Most views allow portrait and landscape viewing, whichever you prefer


System Requirements

HardwareiPhone 4S or later, iPad (3rd gen) or later, iPad mini
SoftwareiOS 6.1 or later

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