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Poker Tweeter - A Twitter App for Poker Players

Tweet about poker hands?     Poker Tweeter makes it easier.


Auto suit conversion
Poker Tweeter makes it fast and easy to tweet card ranks an suits. It converts card ranks and suits automatically as you type. For example, you can type "askd" and Poker Tweeter converts it to "A♠K♦" instantly. It also has dedicated suit keys so you can type the suit characters directly when you're using the numeric keyboard.


Instant hold'em odds
Poker Tweeter also calculates win odds for two or more sets of hole cards and up to 5 board cards. Just tap the "%" key to insert or remove odds from your tweet as you type.


General tweeting
Poker Tweeter also has many features for general tweeting. We haven't thrown in every feature that Twitter offers, and we never will. We focused on tweeting poker hands and we added some key Twitter features for your convenience. We hope you'll love it as much as we do.

Key features
Composing poker tweets
Automatic card conversion"ac" is converted to "A♣", "adkh" is converted to "A♦K♥", etc.
Board card detectionThree or more cards are handled as the board ("2h3dks7has" becomes "2♥3♦K♠7♥A♠")
Suit keysFour suit keys for typing card suits directly if you prefer
Win oddsAdd and remove win odds for two or more sets of hole cards and 3 to 5 board cards
Outline optionSolid or outline hearts and diamonds (♥♦ or ♡♢)
Card separator optionOptionally inserts a hyphen between cards as you type

Saving tweets
Save on cancelYou can save a tweet when you cancel composition
One-tap resumeTap any tweet in the saved tweets list to resume composing it
Auto-save if send failsTweets are automatically saved if they fail to be posted for any reason

Attaching items to a tweet
@Username pageTap any @username in the list to mention them in a tweet
#Hashtag pageTap any #hashtag in the list to add it to a tweet
Attach photosTweet photos in your library to share them
Attach locationAdd your current location to your tweets

Favorite users lists
★ favorites listAdd any Twitter user to the ★ (general) favorites list
♠ favorites listAdd any Twitter user to the ♠ (poker) favorites list
Favorite user profilesTap any favorite user in the ★ or ♠ lists to see their profile
Favorite user tweetsSee favorite users' tweets even if you're not following them

Searching for and viewing tweets
Tappable tweetsTap web links, @usernames, #hashtags and profile images in tweets for more detail
@MentionsSee all tweets, re-tweets, and responses mentioning you
Search for tweetsSearch the Twitter timeline for #hashtags, users, etc.
FavoritesSee your favorite tweets and unfavorite them if you want
User profilesSee any user's profiles (with follower / following count etc.)
Follow / unfollowFollow and unfollow any user by tapping a button on their profile
Direct messagesSend direct messages to users who follow you
Switch accountsSwitch between multiple Twitter accounts
Pull to refreshPull down and release to refresh any tweet timeline

Where to Buy
Poker Tweeter is available for $1.99 on the iPhone App Store.

What's new in Poker Tweeter

1.6 Update (07 December 2012)

We've added location attachment and improved the photo attachment method in Poker Tweeter 1.6. There are many small cosmetic, functional, and performance improvements throughout.

New feature
- Attach your current location to your tweets

Cosmetic improvements
- Improved images throughout the UI

Miscellaneous improvements
- You can now attach and remove images while composing a tweet
- Minor performance improvement in favorites view

- Large attached photos sometimes caused tweets to fail
- #hashtag and @username views didn't update character countdown
- Settings > Account view sometimes didn't show follower count etc.

Version history

System Requirements

HardwareiPhone 4 or later
SoftwareiOS 5.1 or later

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